The Reindeer Farm


Sanila Reindeer Farm Photographs

Good night´s sleep

When it’s 30 degrees below outside, the warm bed feels heavenly.

Finnish design

Traditional Finnish Design is used in our buildings.

Great way to start a day

Nothing beats a wholesome natural breakfast.

From heart of the farm

Our kitchen is the heart of our reindeer farm, conjuring up rich and delicious meals.

Small details matter

Did you notice these reindeer bedclothes?

Surrounded by lakes

We are surrounded by forest and many lakes.

Video from the reindeer farm

Sanila Reindeer Farm Photographs

Finnish hut

The perfect place for wild stories about Lapland and its phenomena.

Harmony with nature

Designed to keep the coldness out and warmth in.


Pancakes made on the open fire is something you must experience.

Old Finnish hut

Lapland’s history is represented in a number of our older buildings.


Finns love the sauna combined with swimming.

Cold treatment

Cold water is known for its positive health effects. 

Experience the true north

Book a night to remember